Automate Your Hiring Process With Recruitee - Interview

Mar 01, 2023

I had the pleasure of interviewing Tristan from Recruitee hiring software about the Recruitee platform and the power of automation in your hiring process.

We discussed how to optimize your recruiting flow by automating tedious tasks.

In this interview, Tristan dives deep into automation, collaborative hiring, the benefits of using Rectuitee software in your hiring process and so much more.

I'm a huge fan of the Recruitee platform, it's an incredible piece of software. I teach how to use it and implement it in the hiring process in my online program 'Hiring Method Simplified.' Sign up below to see Tristan and me in action: Click here

Just simply sign up and be blown away by his insights:  Click here to watch the interview now and be blown away!


See you in the interview!

Until next time I am wishing you peace, happiness, freedom, and success. 

Shannon Teague, 

CEO of Scaling Up Simplified. 


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