This is where you build your operational dream remote team without expensive mistakes or wasted time


This is where you build your operational dream remote team without expensive mistakes or wasted time


Building a business that doesn't drain you but fuels your dreams, travels, and freedom goals is possible by building your dream remote team that takes over the day-to-day!

Discover Proven systems to assemble your dream remote team

With the right team and systems, you can have it all...

Travel the world
Go on adventures
Run a successful business
Spend time with loved ones

Without being glued to your laptop 24/7!

 Your Go-To Community for Building Your First Remote Team

Discover a game-changing remote hiring funnel that effortlessly grows your team as your business grows, allowing you to work fewer hours and reducing your workload 

This works Even if you've never hired in your life, and time is a massive constraint
Community Handheld Support

Eliminate guesswork with support in our community group, instant messaging, weekly Zoom catch-ups & Loom demo videos. Our team supports you every step of your journey

Plug And Play Systems And Processes

An entrepreneur's most valuable asset is their time. Access a database of done-for-you remote hiring, onboarding, and operational systems that maximize efficiency and automate tasks to remove yourself from operations

Become The Leader Your Team Loves

Simple strategies and systems to become a talent magnet and an outstanding leader. Cultivate an environment your team loves being a part of, making it tough for them to even think about leaving

Company Culture And Vision Alignment

Get crystal clear your company's culture, vision, mission, and values to draw in your dream team—those who are all in with your long-term goals. Build a team you can trust, who share the same passion and love for your business as you do!


Your 4-step remote hiring ecosystem

The 'Online Hiring Academy 4-week Fast Track Program' is dedicated to avoiding the common new-to-hiring mistakes that small business owners make when they start building their first foundational team that results in wasting thousands of profits, causing trust issues with hiring, and doubling your current workload in constant problem-solving. Saving our members 3 to 4 years of trial and error trying to figure out how to nail building a thriving foundational remote team while freeing their time to focus on growth and enjoy the life they envisioned when they started their business!

Week 1

Identifying the roles your business needs to hire to eliminate current and prevent future bottlenecks

Week 2

Preparing your business for hiring by establishing a strong company culture foundation, value system and benefits aligned with your company culture

Week 3

Set up our plug-and-play remote hiring funneling system to attract your dream team. Our smart funneling system does the hiring for you

Week 4

Prepare your business for building its first remote team by refining your company's onboarding, process mapping, and operational systems. The ultimate key to reaching time freedom

Understanding the value of our smart automated hiring system aligned with your company culture is essential to avoid wasting thousands on bad hires

Hey there!

I'm Shannon Teague

Our vision is to be the ultimate global solution for remote entrepreneurs and build the largest global community of remote entrepreneurs at the start of their hiring and team-building journey. We aim to provide the foundations needed to build a trustworthy, foundational dream remote team, helping entrepreneurs avoid operational chaos, remove themselves from daily tasks, and achieve time freedom—whatever that looks like for them—while designing the life they deserve.

Our mission is to create a world where our members embrace travel, adventure, freedom, and living life on their own terms.

Empowering business owners with the tools and systems they need that allow them to achieve true time freedom! Getting remote hiring right from the start and building remote teams they're truly proud of while fueling their business growth.

Showing that there's a different way to live, build remote teams, and run a business while exploring this beautiful planet.

This is how my journey started...


"Shannon my company is growing and growing, the manager I hired is amazing and I thinking about hiring one more manager to reduce the bottlenecks and work less"


"I am so thankful I found your program, it changed my life and was the solution I was looking for. I was fearful of hiring again after a terrible experience but needed a solution because I was so overwhelmed, working 15 hour days and couldn't move forward in my business without my team. I realized after attending your program that I was going about hiring all wrong and why I faced the issued I did prior to completing your program"

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