Oops, Too Late! How to Avoid Bad Hires and Spot Incompetence Before Offering the Job

Nov 17, 2023

Hey there, fellow business owners! 


Today, I want to talk about something we've all dreaded: hiring someone who turns out to be a total flop.

You know the drill – their CV looks great, but once they're on board, you realize they're not the superstar you thought they were. It's a situation no one wants to be in, and it's high time we tackle it head-on!


So, how do we prevent this hiring headache? Well, it's all about a smart hiring strategy that does the heavy lifting for you. Here are some killer tips to make sure you're bringing in the right people. 

Tip 1

Culture is Key

  • Make sure your hiring strategy zeroes in on candidates who vibe with your company culture.
  • This alignment is crucial for a smooth, successful team.


Tip 2 

Challenge Them a Bit

  • Set up your hiring process to be a bit of a challenge. This weeds out the lazy and undedicated.
  • Only those truly in sync with your company's ethos will go the extra mile.


Tip 3 

Test Before You Invest

  • Before you hand out the job offer, test your top candidates.
  • This step is vital in ensuring they're as good in practice as they are on paper.


Tip 4

Beyond the CV - Embrace a Comprehensive Strategy

  • Ditch the old-school method of relying on CVs for your hiring strategy. 
  • In fact, let's be clear: the CV shouldn't be a part of your hiring strategy at all. It should only used as a guide to get an understanding of the candidate's skills. 
  • Instead, focus on a more holistic approach.
  • Your hiring strategy should be rooted in aligning with your company culture and implementing effective filtering actions.
  • It's about understanding who the candidates are beyond their resumes.
  • This way, you're not just assessing skills and experiences, but also how well they fit into the bigger picture of your company's vision and ethos.

In Conclusion

  • Creating a solid hiring strategy is essential for any business.
  • It's not just about filling seats; it's about finding the right people who will grow with your company and share your vision.
  • By focusing on cultural fit, challenging application processes, thorough testing, and looking beyond the CV, you can build a team that truly represents what your business stands for.
  • Remember, a great team is the foundation of a successful business.


Don't let bad hires hold you back! Let's make hiring a breeze and watch our businesses thrive. 🚀🌟


Still struggling to create a hiring strategy that brings in the best, fits your long-term vision, and works on autopilot? 


Well, have no fear! Our Remote Hiring Made Easy Academy is here to rescue you from the bad hires and the empty seats in your business. We'll help you set up a system that takes the stress out of hiring, so you can focus on growing your business and maybe even take that long-overdue holiday!



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