Why Checking Your Business Over the Weekend is a Red Flag

Nov 10, 2023


So, I was chatting with this small business owner the other day...


They were pretty happy, telling me they've gotten to a place where they only peek at their business a couple of times over the weekend. They thought this was a big win, but to me, it kind of raised a red flag.


  • Here's why: true freedom as a business owner means enjoying your weekends entirely work-free, and if you're still checking in, it's a clear sign your business lacks essential operational systems and processes.


The Illusion of Control...


  • A lot of small business owners get caught thinking that if they're always checking on their business, it means they've got everything under control and they're doing great. 


  • But really, being glued to your business all the time isn't a good thing; it shows you're too dependent on it.


  • Your business shouldn't be running your personal life. When it does, it means you're the one doing everything, and your team's always leaning on you.


  • That's not the way to keep things going or how a successful business should work.


The Cost of Being 'Always On'...


  • Being 'always on' comes at a high personal cost.


  • It means less quality time with family and friends, increased stress, and the looming risk of burnout.


  • Imagine a weekend where you're not glued to your phone, worrying about work.


  • That's the kind of life you deserve, and it's entirely achievable with the right systems in place.


Operational Systems and Processes – Your Road to Freedom...


  • The cornerstone of any successful business is its operational systems and processes.


  • These are what allow you to step back without fearing everything will fall apart.


  • Start by documenting all your business operations, automating routine tasks, and establishing clear protocols for your team.


  • This setup ensures that your business runs smoothly, even in your absence.


Trusting Your Team...


A key element in this equation is your TEAM!


  • Building a team you can trust is crucial.


  • This means hiring the right people and training them well.


  • Once you have a reliable team and robust systems, you can confidently take a step back, knowing your business is in good hands.


  • If you have trust issues with hiring because you have been burned before, it's often because there's no solid hiring system in place. With a strong hiring process, you'll trust the process to handle the hiring for you, no stress!



In summary, if you're still checking your business over the weekend, it's time to rethink your operational strategy. You should be able to enjoy your time off fully, trusting that your business is functioning well without your constant oversight.


Take Action

If you're struggling with setting up these systems or with hiring a trustworthy team, don't worry. I've been there, and I can help.


My Remote Hiring Made Easy Academy is designed to guide small business owners like you in creating structured systems for successful hiring, onboarding, and operations.


Join us, and transform the way you run your business. 


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