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 Learn the same 4-step framework I used to build my dream remote team of over 100 people while traveling to more than 35 countries, working 4-hour days, and enjoying month-long holidays

✓ Revealed: Why winging it with your hiring will NEVER get you a reliable team – and what you need to do instead!

✓ The real secret to building a successful team - almost everyone gets this wrong! This often-overlooked strategy will certainly get you the dedicated team you need to grow your business.

✓ You’ll discover my 4-step secret hiring ecosystem – the effortless way to hire amazing remote team members and achieve time freedom!

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Hosted by Shannon Teague Author, and Amazon Best Seller of Scaling Up Simplified

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I'll show you my secret 4-step system for building your first dream remote team without expensive mistakes or wasted time!


You can build a business that doesn't drain or overwhelm you but fuels your dreams, travels, and freedom goals by nailing hiring from the start!

If You Get This Wrong, It Could Cost You Everything...

Discover Proven systems to build your first dream remote team that will effortlessly grow your team as your business grows

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This Is Literally The BEST TIME To Build Your First Dream Remote Team Without Expensive Mistakes Or Wasted Time... 

With the right team and systems, you can have it all...

Travel the world

Go on adventures

Run a successful business

Spend time with loved ones

Without being glued to your laptop 24/7!

PLUS a FREE bonus if you show up live, my go-to smart hire toolkit
Ready To Build A Thriving Remote Team In Just 90 Minutes? 

What You Can Expect From  

The Secret 4-Step Framework: How To Build Your First Dream Remote Team
Without Expensive Mistakes Or Wasted Time

Before The Masterclass


❌Feeling incredibly overwhelmed, working all hours and managing almost every task solo in your business.

❌Always in a reactive state, running around without clear direction. 

Confused about the roles your business needs to hire. 

Feeling stuck with what tasks to delegate or how to manage the hiring process.

Want to start building your first remote team but don't know where to start.

You've attempted to hire before, but it turned into a disaster, leaving you hesitant and overwhelmed about hiring again.

❌Cash flow fluctuations, lack of time for growth or strategic tasks, and limited resources without a team.



After The Masterclass


Achieve a crystal-clear plan for building your first remote team. 

Feel confident in your hiring decisions.

Gain the confidence to start building your dream team without falling into the new-to-hiring mistakes, which lead to operational chaos later on. 

✅Learn how to fast-track hiring by avoiding expensive mistakes, hiring the wrong people, working longer hours, or adding more to your to-do list.

✅Save yourself years of trial and error trying to get hiring right!

✅Start building a dream team to help your business grow, improve cash flow, and strengthen overall growth.



Note from Shannon...

Building your first remote team can be daunting, especially after a failed attempt.

I started my first remote recruitment business in 2014, growing to 100 contractors and a support team of 10. I've since hired over 1,000 people and now teach these strategies to online entrepreneurs globally.

Many entrepreneurs dream of freedom but end up overworked and overwhelmed.

The game-changer? Taking the hiring leap with the right foundations.

Build a business that fuels your dreams and freedom goals without draining you.

Shannon Teague!
-That's living the dream!

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